Penny Benjamin – Ezicaf Solutions

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Understanding the real impact of your coffee consumption on the environment – more than just keep cups and paper straws.



Penny Benjamin from Ezicaf Solutions is joined by Lachlan and Lee Mary Hosking from Q Coffee Roasters.

The world has become OBSESSED with coffee it seems. But there’s a darker side to your daily coffee habit that you may not have even considered. Penny presents some staggering insights into the impact of coffee consumption on our environment and what it means to source truly sustainable and ethical coffee.

Ethical, Sustainable, Fairtrade and Specialty

These unregulated words are all terms regularly banded around the coffee industry and it can be easy to pull the wool over a lay-person’s eyes when it comes to the use of these words. So how can you tell if your coffee is truly sourced ethically and sustainably? What does this even mean? Lachlan and Lee Mary Hosking from Q Coffee Roasters share some fascinating insights into the world of sourcing, roasting and selling sustainable and ethical coffee in Australia.

Who is Penny Benjamin

Penny is a co-owner of Ezicaf Solutions, a family-run business built on a passion for quality, sustainable, waste-free, EZI coffee. She is also a Nutritionist and loves developing healthy recipes.

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