Pog Balls

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Choc Coated Balls of Plant Based Goodness.

Who We Are

PogBalls are a delicious choc coated ball of plant-based goodness, filled with a combination of peanut butter, crunchy roasted peanuts, puffed rice & then smothered in chocolate. Every PogBall is individually made, making them perfectly imperfect! PogBalls have been enjoyed by our family & friends for well over 30 years, with the recipe evolving so people with special dietary requirements  can also enjoy them without compromising on taste. They are vegan, gluten free & dairy free.

What to Expect

PogBalls come in packs of 3 or 10, covered in white and dark chocolate.

Visit Us Because 

At PogBalls  we are committed to the health & well being of all living creatures and our beautiful planet. We support non-for-profit organizations such as Farm Animal Rescue QLD. With your purchase we can continue to help support them.

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