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Poppin Papadums

Who We Are

We would tell you about us, but we want our flavoursome and authentic Indian food to narrate the yumminess that we create every day, here at Poppin’ Papadums. So, pop in the restaurant or call now to say hello to the poppin’ squad and place your order.

What to Expect
Poppin’ Papadums is the brainchild of us- the women squad who are food enthusiasts, are hearty eaters and have been to very many tireless quests for authentic Indian food. We hereby endeavor to bring to your table, possibly the least processed, healthy, authentic, and yet fast Indian food cooked with the most flavorful, raw and aromatic spices from the land of spices, India. So, loosen up your belts to stuff your bellies, for we are taking you to a flavorful safari where the crunchiest of the stories begin.

Visit Us Because

Authentic Indian Food, Indian Fast Food, Indian Street Eateries, Salads, Indian Platter & Lunch Combo Deals

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