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Prometheus Environment - Water from air at the Eco Expo
Prometheus Environment - Water from air at the Eco Expo

Who We Are

We are passionate about creating and sustaining a better world for our future generations. We are hoping to contribute towards this goal by supplying the latest in environmentally friendly products and appliances while supporting people in making their transition to a more eco-friendly home and future, benefiting their lifestyle and lowering their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

What to Expect

In conjunction with our commercial success of MultiGen’s, we now offer our Atmospheric Water Generator which is a new state of the art, WATER GENERATING MACHINE, using some of the latest and most sophisticated technology available in this arena today. We have aimed to produce the maximum amount of high quality drinking water (7.2-.7.8 PH)  while using only the minimum amount of electricity to do so.

It is important to be aware that this technology is driven by humidity and temperature. This means this machine is totally dependent on Humidity and Temperature and resulting Dewpoint to make water. Generally the higher the humidity the more water you will make only providing you have moderate temperatures. Basic output is 10-30 Litres a day with 16 litres storage.

We will work closely with companies and world class innovators that are focused in supplying products with the latest technology in environmental solutions.

We aim to bring these products available to the general public so together we can achieve ethical solutions to protect our environment.

Visit Us Because 

Our mission is to prove that there is a smarter and more sustainable way to consume goods. We want to supply ethical, high quality and innovative designs, while still limiting our environmental impact as much as possible and give people the opportunity to make a difference in their home and office spaces.  
We see our customers as ambassadors for change, those who share our values and reject disposable products, and who are eager to preserve the planet for future generations. 
Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. From initial design to production and supplying, every decision we make is driven by the desire to minimise our environmental impact, by reusing existing materials and using the cleanest technologies, while limiting transport as much as we can.
Together we can take One eco step

Prometheus Environment at the Eco Expo

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