Roland Schroeder

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Join this free seminar to have the myths, magic and mysteries of composting toilets explained!

Composting toilets are becoming more and more accepted as being a major solution to the ever increasing scarcity of drinking water. The recent water shortage at Cape Town is only the beginning of things to come – even for the developed world.

However, very little is known about composting toilets – how they work, what they cost, maintenance, installation etc. – and, of course most of all: Do they smell? (And no, they don’t). Whether you want to add a toilet to your shed or whether you want to go 100% off grid – answers to your questions are to be found here.

About Roland Schroeder

Roland Schroeder has a long history in sustainable and Eco-oriented businesses. His farm forestry and furniture business was a major contributor the Metaform Australis Project – a ground breaking venture between private business and the CSIRO and DPI Forestry – pioneering, exploring and documenting the uses of Eucalypt timber for fine furniture making.

Having ‘lived on the land’ in South East Queensland for over 20 years, he is passionate about being able to provide people with environmental tools enabling them to become part of the solution to the Earth’s problems, to whatever degree they choose: Be it small – up to totally ‘off-grid’.

His business ‘Green Loo’ has been borne out of this desire and today he is here to answer your questions about composting toilets – the sustainability subject that has probably attracted the biggest myths in the field.

Roland Schroeder at the Eco Expo
Green Loo at the Eco Expo
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