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Eco friendly greeting cards, gift tags, wrap, decorations and gifts

What to Expect

Recycled Card –  100% of Rosie Lou paper goods are proudly printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (Uncoated) Card. The post-consumer fibre is sourced close to the mill, requiring little transport and thus further minimising greenhouse emissions. Rosie Lou envelopes are also 100% Post-Consumer Recycled paper.

Vegetable Based Inks – Rosie Lou uses vegetable based inks to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (toxic gases,) released into the atmosphere during printing. Vegetable based ink does not contain hazardous heavy metals creating a healthier workplace for printing staff and drastically reducing the environmental impact both during production and for future recycling. Vegetable based inks allow plate cleaning to be done without solvents, using a water based cleaner.

Recycling paper requires removing any ink with a certain type of soap, this results in a toxic sludge. We use vegetable based inks to help solve this issue and promote future recycling.

More Paper! Less Plastic! –  We understand the negative implications for using plastic and we do all we can within our business to minimise its use. We shamelessly re-use packaging and paper boxes for storage and orders, even our stickers are biodegradable! The cello bags we use to protect our products are made from the highest quality acid free biaxially oriented polypropylene (commonly referred to as BOPP.)

And good news… it is possible to return soft plastics including cello bags to the major supermarkets or a REDcycle point (click to find your closest point) where the plastic is recycled using specialist technology. YAY!

Visit Us Because

We’ve been green from the start and we’re sprouting about it! As we grow as a company (puns intended), we believe it’s important to keep you informed. We want you to know we’re doing all we can to keep our planet thriving as we help you celebrate your loved ones!

100% of Rosie Lou paper goods are printed in Australia, right down to our business cards! We keep it local from an environmental and ethical perspective, we want to be sure our employees are being treated fairly and employed under the highest Australian standards. Boosting the Australian economy is a bonus.

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