Eco Expo Exhibitors


Who Are We

Here at SACKED store we provide top quality 100% organic reusable bags. We strive to help people eliminate the need for single use plastic one shop at a time! Our bags are versatile, ecofriendly and economic because we believe there should never be a compromise between those factors.
Our goal at SACKED is to create a range of products you are proud to use, not only for their environmentally conscious properties but also their aesthetic design. We are here to help people make a mindful decision with their purchasing and make a small, simple yet smart change in their lifestyle. Remember small changes can lead to big differences!


What to Expect

A focus on natural, reusable solutions for your everyday shopping that doesn’t cost the earth. We believe being eco-friendly shouldn’t have a huge price tag attached to it. Our sacks are 100% organic cotton produced in small quantities and ethically manufactured. All our sacks are extremely well produced to be the highest quality you will find.

Visit Us Because 

Visit us to take a small step forward in reducing the amount of single use plastics used for every day life! Everyone can make a difference to this world of ours!




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