Sally Jane Douglas – Cooking Workshop at the Eco Expo

Eco Expo Cooking Workshop and Seminar

Join Fed for Wellness founder, Sally Douglas and learn her simple approach to plant-based living


Kid’s Chocolate Making Workshop

If your child loves sweets and chocolate, this one is for them! Get them in the kitchen to learn a healthy chocolate you won’t feel guilty about them eating.

Please note: This workshop involves a stove, please ensure your child is able to follow instructions regarding hot cooking in the kitchen.

Plant-Based Cooking made Simple (and Delicious)

Sally’s delivery methods are fun and engaging – it hardly feels like learning! Join Sally and learn how to make your own plant-based milk, cheese and chocolate!


Who is Sally Jane Douglas

Sally Douglas (Fed for Wellness founder) is a passionate Raw Food Chef, Plant-Based Educator and Wellness Coach. Sally supports people to put their health back on the agenda through her simple approach and unique methodology – reconnecting you with how you want to feel, not just how you want to look and eat.

Sally provides interactive plant-based cooking workshops in and around the Sunshine Coast, empowering people to fall in love with cooking and learn how simple nourishing ourselves really is. Through her one-to-one coaching program Sally is creating life-changing results of sustainable weight loss, increased energy and vitality, reduction of digestive issues and inflammation, and educating people how to make simple and healthy lifestyle changes sustainable, bit(e) by bit(e).

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