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Who Are We

Welcome to the exciting world of henna art! Sharmeen is a professional henna artist with years of experience. She has been running her Brisbane-based business for 6 years and has done a number of events, markets, expos and private events including weddings, baby showers, hens parties, birthdays, etc. – sharing what she calls ‘henna happiness’. She is also a qualified makeup artist and is very passionate about both makeup & henna. The henna used is all-natural and the paste is delectably prepared in-house.

What to Expect

Sharmeen specialises in creative freestyle henna and loves to ‘go with the flow of it’, though she has a large number of images from which you can choose your inspiration. Design styles can be traditional, contemporary, unisex or custom. Henna is best applied on the hands, arms, feet or legs but can also be done on the back, shoulders, etc.

Visit Us Because 

Henna is beautiful, fun and also therapeutic. The creativity is mesmerising to some and you are sure to smile every time you look at your beautiful design. With proper after-care, the henna can stay on for 1-2 weeks. Our DIY Henna kits will also be available for purchase on the day.




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