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Who Are We

Our Story.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to make a positive impact in peoples lives. Pain; people live with it every day. Some live with more than others, but everyone understands that even mild pain can effect your ability to perform everyday activities. Our innovative, adaptable products guarantee to provide industry-best cushioning and support, customised for each user. SOLE’s unique orthopaedic shape and mould-optimised materials are built into every pair of footbeds and footwear that we make, adapting to your body without losing support. This accommodative support optimises your foot’s natural functionality. No matter what your activity level is, you will benefit from the personalised support and cushioning SOLE products offer. When your feet are supported and their function is optimised, the barrier of pain is reduced or eliminated, allowing you to live up to your full potential. Helping you reach higher than you did yesterday is what SOLE is all about.

We believe we have a responsibility to each other and future generations to consider the impact our actions have on our environment. In pursuit of balance, every element of our operations must be considered. Researching new ways to increase the recycled content in our products led us to natural cork. Cork pulls carbon out of the atmosphere and locks it away, and is also an excellent replacement for petroleum-based components. Inspired by the potential of cork, we launched the ReCORK program in 2008 and grew it into North America’s largest natural cork wine closure recycling program. We take the recycled wine corks and use them as the primary material in a new footwear line, as well as a growing line of other consumer products. We measure the impact we have on the earth and offset accordingly, eliminating our carbon footprint beyond carbon neutral, all the way to carbon negative. We didn’t just achieve carbon negative status — we pioneered it. Cork oak tree planting, cork bark harvesting, wine cork recycling, and purchasing carbon offsets all contribute to going beyond offsetting our carbon footprint.

What to Expect 

Future of Sustainability.

We at SOLE are leading the charge into the future of sustainability in footwear, which historically has been a dirty business. We’ve carefully considered each decision about every component, and even with the major advances we’ve made with our new collection, this is only the beginning. We’re determined to be socially and ecologically conscious and support our communities and our world not because it’s always the easy thing, but because it’s the right thing. We’ve created and sourced the most advanced and luxurious eco-friendly materials available to keep you comfortable no matter your adventure. Our new Footwear collection is sustainability without compromise, combined with SOLE’s signature shape that is clinically proven to reduce foot strain so you can adventure farther in comfort.


We create products that redefine the way that sustainability can be approached in footwear. Inspired by our ReCORK recycled wine cork midsoles, we built a collection using the most sustainable materials we could find and carried this approach through production, from using design elements that minimise energy use to recyclable packaging. We do this to offer consumers a better choice for their planet, them selves and their children.

Recycled Cork.

Repurposing natural wine corks replaces environmentally harmful products otherwise used in footwear production.

Why we use it? It’s shock absorbing, moisture wicking, environmentally sustainable and molds quickly to your unique foot shape. The average pair of SOLE’s contain between 22 and 60 recycled wine corks.  Harvesting cork from a cork oak tree can increase its CO2 absorption by 5 times because it absorbs more carbon from the air to regrow the bark.

Merino Wool.

Developed over more than 5 years, our patented-knit upper has a merino-rich blend with synthetic traces to vastly increase durability and abrasion resistance. Its flex knit immediately adapts for step-in comfort while retaining shape over time and supporting the foot.

Why we use it? Wool is a renewable, sustainable, temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic material that breathes and manages moisture better than any other fibre for comfort in all seasons. Our merino wool is fully traceable and ethically sourced from Australia, and our wool shoes can be worn comfortably with or without socks.  Wool can biodegrade in as little as 3-4 months compared to the 30-40 years it takes synthetic materials, and wool doesn’t leave behind harmful pollutant micro plastics.  Our single-knit merino upper can reduce energy-intensive cut-and-sew manufacturing by a third, and reduce waste by up to 60% when compared to a conventional shoe.

Rice Rubber.

Our rice rubber soles are produced using rice husks in addition to natural rubber.

Why we use it? Every year 120 million tons of rice husk are produced as a waste product of the rice industry. Using this product removes it from the waste stream and prevents the environmental damages caused by dumping. Rice husks increase the durability of the natural rubber, maximizing the outsole’s lifespan while retaining its sticky traction.

Natural Rubber.

Natural rubber is made using latex sap that can be continually harvested from trees for periods spanning 25 years. Why we use it? In the process of producing latex sap, rubber trees also remove carbon from the atmosphere. When used in footwear natural rubber is also incredibly durable. Using natural rubber instead of synthetic rubber reduces the amount of petrochemicals needed in production by 3.5 times. Natural rubber also requires up to 7 times less energy to process when compared to synthetic rubber

Bloom Algae Foam.

BLOOM makes flexible foams from algae biomass in a process which cleans and restores natural balance to waterways.

Why we use it? As an incredibly fast-growing organism, algae presents an abundant and sustainable material. Algae’s natural thermoplastic qualities allow BLOOM to meet or exceed the performance characteristics of conventional EVA foam. Using Bloom Foam is helping us reduce our water footprint by 30% by returning filtered water into natural waterways.  Bloom Foam has 40% less impact on ecosystems and climate than regular EVA, and requires 35% less energy use in production.


Visit us Because

At the 2019 Eco Expo we will be releasing our new range of sustainable Footwear to the Australia Public. Will we have a wide range of Men’s and Women’s Footwear from Slip-on’s to Chukkas. We also have our new range of Flips making a debut. Come and Visit us at booth 69,70 to see and try the new range for yourself. We look forward to paving the way for sustainable footwear options.




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