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SolidTeknics at the Brisbane Eco Expo


Who Are We

SOLIDTEKNICS is the only commercial cookware manufacture in Australia. We have developed two ranges of innovative world-first cookware: AUS-ION™ wrought iron (formed low-carbon steel), and nöni™ ferritic wrought stainless cookware. All are made in Australia, all are non-toxic, healthy, sustainable, and multi-century durable.

What to Expect

SOLIDTEKNICS is built on the premise that there are enough people like us who are tired of the waste and damage of the disposable consumer world, and are willing to think before they buy. To take personal responsibility for their purchasing decisions, and thereby influence corporate and governmental policy by ‘voting with their wallet’.

We believe in a more sustainable industry where cookware is not a disposable item, and is not coated with questionable synthetics for a little extra consumer convenience.

“I love working with the Solidteknics pans because they’re indestructible, they deliver, and they’re fantastic to cook with…..and it’s a genius idea, and they’re local.” Chef Neil Perry, Rockpool Group

Visit Us Because

We are the real deal. We only want to make SOLID and healthy cooking tools specifically designed to be the best of their kind in the world, and made with such quality and integrity that they will last for multiple generations and centuries.

Solidteknics cookware will last your whole life, then can be passed down for many generations as treasured heirlooms.

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