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Soulfull Tribe Baking at the Eco Expo

Soulful Tribe: Baking Mixes Conscious For Your Health, Conscious For Our Planet!

Who We Are 

We create with only the best, plant based ingredients to make healthy snacks for you and your family that taste ridiculously good!

Soulful Tribe puts the health in baking by producing products that are plant based, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, organic, and over all, nutrition focused! Soulful Tribe aims to show customers that treats can be both nutritious and taste delicious, as well as environmentally friendly.

What to Expect 

Healthy baking requires lots of ingredients that aren’t easily accessible… until now! We include all the ingredients you need to make a guilt-free treat for your loved ones- just add a plant milk of your choice! We have a vast range of baking favourites available to our customers including Chocolate Brownies, Jam Drops, Banana Bread, Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and Chocolate Cake!

Easy, healthy and seriously delicious. I’m hooked on how simple they are to make and how good they taste. As someone who eats plant-based, they’re my new favourite things! The jam drops and brownies are next-level good.

Our baking products are pre mixed and made available to customers in a biodegradable bag that can return to the earth without harming the environment.

Visit Us Because 

By supporting Soulful Tribe, customers are making a conscious choice to invest in the sustainable future of our Children and Planet. Our products are made to give back to you, and to the environment. Come visit us and find a nutritious and organic dessert that you can share with your family and friends!

Soulfull Tribe Baking at the Eco Expo
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