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Hit the Spot with one of our adorable Spotpack Heat packs!

We supply gift shops and pharmacies with our unique range of relaxation products. Our products are also available for purchase through our Etsy site.

Place across shoulders, stomach, back or other body areas.
Our Heat packs are made using an adorable range of cotton fabrics with both an inner and outer bag for easy washing. The inner bag is sewn in sections so as to avoid all the contents falling to one side. Our Heat packs are filled with only Australian Organic Wheat and optional lavender herbs.

Eye Pillows contain linseed (with optional lavender)
Used to relax the eyes and face, reduce puffy eyes and block out light.
The eye pillow can also be kept chilled in the fridge and used cold. It can also be heated for 30 seconds which can help to relieve aching eyes.



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