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Suck It Up

Who We Are

An environmentally conscious business that was founded to help reduce our impact on the environment. Traveling the world has opened our eyes to the damage single-use plastic is doing to our waterways, our land, our nature and, more importantly, our culture. Single-use plastic has been provided to make things in our everyday life easier, convenient and less hassle to the end user. Suck it Up Straws want to provide the same convenience in a cost-effective way that puts preserving the environment first, first over the “convenience” culture we are currently falling victim to.

Plastic Straws Seriously Suck!

50 Million Used in Aussie a Day

500 Million Used in the USA a Day

8 Billion in our Ocean

512 Plastic straws are taken out of production when a single Reusable Suck It Up Straw is Purchased

What to Expect

Distributor Prices for quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel Straws – a variety of colours; Rose Gold, Gold, Blue, Green-Rainbow, Rainbow, Silver and Black, available in straight and bendy.

If you are in the food and hospitality industry then we have something new and exciting to help you and your business move to eco-friendly without harming the pockets.

Visit us Because

We have something new and exciting. We have quality 304-grade stainless steel straws (not the flimsy aluminum)  we have a massive array of colors and we focus purely on straws. We sell straws individually in, with a brush, in a pair with a brush or a gift set.

Our Gift Sets for the eco – expo normally are $15 show special is $12.

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