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The Art of Culture

Who Are We

Kombucha Cafe is a specialty brewery and fermented food manufacturer in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW.

What to Expect

We produce handcrafted Kombucha and a selection of premium-quality goods: fermented vegetables, raw fermented crackers, scoby fruit roll-ups and vegan cultured mousses.
We supply cafes, health food stores and supermarkets with our Food for Thought branded products, and festival goers with refreshing, on tap, herbal enhanced Kombucha. Festival goers and individuals from other catered events we work on also enjoy a full range of vegan, gluten free light meals, snacks and desserts.

Visit Us Because 

  • Our signature range of Kombucha is fermented in aged oak wine barrels, packed full of nutrients and beneficial cultures, and taste great!
  • Selected ranges have added chia seeds, essential oil infusions and herbal medicine to enhance their health benefits and your enjoyment.
  • Our hand crafted fruit roll ups and vegan jerky are unique powerhouse snacks. Utilizing our nutritious Kombucha Culture (Scoby) .
  • Our fermented veggies are a local market leader.
  • Our fermented veggie crackers are a crunchy, raw and fun snack.
  • Our newest product, vegan mousse, is hand made with fermented cultures for a whole new level of Wow!




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