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Join this free workshop for a Self-Awakening Experience with Monique Jowsey

Connect with an Avatar Master for a brief encounter with perspective shifting, forward leaning introspection techniques.

Consider consciousness exploration as a skill anyone can learn. Examine your personal blueprint of beliefs, concepts, goals, limitations and personal awareness field with interest to discover what could be possible.

Avatar licensed trained team are available for one-on-one sessions or small group exercises to access compassion and personal empowerment. Personal growth for global change.

About Monique Jowsey

The team of Avatar Masters that are attending the Eco Expo are principally trained in demonstrating the effect of using the Avatar tools.

Our materials come from a library of 6 books authored by Harry Palmer whom wrote the Avatar Materials. Our goal to present will be to give patrons an experience of compassion or a perspective shift on a situation in their lives – that creates a personal change.

The tools are all very simple to use and come directly from our workshops that are run worldwide in multiple languages and through every culture. Our biography is that our training stems from these materials. You can seemore data on all of these experiences plus many testimonials on our websites and social media channels.

Avatar Course seminar at the Eco Expo
Avatar Pacific at the Eco Expo
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