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The Breath of Life

Who We Are

The Breath of Life offers relief for sufferers of allergies, anxiety, hayfever, asthma, sinus, headaches, and symptoms of hayfever. Allergies such as sneezing, flu, colds, and temporary relief of bronchial cough and breathing difficulties due to poor air quality.

What to Expect

We produce all Natural Herb Inhalation products. Our Breathe Easy Compact is full of Organic dried herbs including Australian peppermints, eucalyptus, camphor basil, and lemon balm. The Breath of Life herbs is covered with a fine mesh and contained in a pocket-sized non-spill-able metal compact with a twist-up lid. The inhalation strength will last for up to one year if breathed for two minutes, twice per day. The compacts may be recharged when needed with The Breath of Life Herbal Oil.

The herbs used are organically grown without pesticides. Our Pure Essential Oils are of the highest quality. Both are mixed, weighed, and then packed, all by hand in Queensland Australia.

Visit Us Because 

Many people are realising that the old ways are often still the best as herbal treatments are in harmony with life, not in conflict with it. This type of product has been on the market for more than 30 years with great success in the outcomes of those who use it.

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