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The Salad Table: your complete garden! Grow your own, anywhere, anytime, easily.

Who We Are 

Working on my farm one Sunday afternoon while most of Australia were having their ritual BBQ or watching cricket, I was harvesting and loading my truck with fresh herbs and lettuce to take to the wholesale markets. I knew that those beautiful fresh top quality plants would not make it to your plate for at least another week (or more), leaving you with a substandard and almost stale product. As the farmer I was getting very little profit for each big bunch yet you would pay $3.00+ each in the supermarket. This was after they changed hands a few times and each time the price went up, while the size and quality went down.

It was at this point I decided something had to be done to allow EVERYONE to be able to easily grow their own fresh produce anywhere, anytime and for a fraction of the price they were paying at the shops. So I developed The Salad Table.

What to Expect 

Our complete garden system is based on exactly the same principles that I use on my farm, but on a smaller personal scale.

Firstly, I gave one to my mum with a simple one page set of instructions to trial how it would go, and only a few weeks later her Salad Table was flourishing with quality produce she had never been able to grow in the past. I also gave one to my father-in-law with the same results and he had never had a vegetable garden prior to this. I then set up a display in my stall at the local farmers markets and before I knew it they were going like hot cakes.

Growing herbs and vegetables has been a passion of ours for many years and our goal is to help others grow their own.

Everything is included when you purchase a Salad Table! It’s a complete garden system that caters for your every need when it comes to a more healthy lifestyle. Suited to grow all varieties big and small, vegetables or herbs. Step on to the patio to harvest your fresh ingredients for the next home made gourmet meal. It doesn’t get fresher than that! The ‘starter table’ is one of our most popular Salad Tables for those living in high rise apartments, and free Brisbane delivery is included with all orders!

Visit Us Because 

WhenThe Salad Table is parked in your backyard, courtyard, on the patio or even on your high rise balcony, you have the power to grow what you want, create the perfect dish, and show off your culinary talents to all your friends and family.

The Salad Table at the Eco Expo
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