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Think Hitch at the Eco Expo

Trip sharing is always a good idea: use the Think Hitch app to connect!

Who We Are 

Traffic is no fun. We get it. That’s why our mission is simple; get you to your destination quicker, easier and cheaper all while helping the environment.  We’re creating a budding community of open minded individuals like you, to put more people in fewer cars, reducing emissions, congestion and travel times. More importantly, we’re giving you back your driving time to spend on what is important to you.

We’re constantly challenging the status quo and pushing technological boundaries to minimise inefficiencies on our road network, creating genuine human interactions and seamlessly connecting people through our online platform. With Think Hitch travel time no longer has to mean time wasted.

We provide the latest technology to local heroes like you, making it easy to leave your mark in the world and create a positive change for our planet and future generations. Individually, our efforts may seem insignificant but together; through the use of trip sharing we can make amazing things happen.  So go on! Jump into a Think Hitch commute today and lets transform the way our city moves one trip at a time. Helping to create a greener, less congested and happier future for all.

What to Expect

  • A door-to-door service that’s easy, safe and affordable. Our proprietary algorithm, matches you with amazing people who are already heading your way.
  • If your daily commute is around 26min each way, you’ll gain back around 9 days or 216 hours every year! That’s a lot of time previously spent behind the wheel.
  • Its never been easier to help the environment and be part of the solution. By helping yourself to be more productive, relaxed and successful, you’re directly helping to reduce the number of cars on our roads, that’s a win-win for everyone.
  • A stress-free, chauffeured experience to and from work. Who doesn’t like to be driven places?
  • No lock in contracts or schedules, we work around you. We’re on demand, use us when you need to, no return trips required.
  • Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle


  • You’re in control  – Safety is our priority that’s why you have complete control over who rides in your car. Plus we tailor match your companions turning every commute into a ride with friends.
  • Easy to start, no complicated paperwork or special license needed!
  • Drivers can commute as normal – No more than a few minutes detour
  • Drivers earn a minimum $10 per seat, per trip (that’s around a massive $10,000 a year!)

Visit Us Because 

  •     We have one of the coolest exhibits at Eco Expo 2018 – you’re going to love it!
  •    Test your skills behind the wheel of a virtual reality (VR) simulator, with cool prizes and giveaways daily – will you end up on top of the leader board? Be sure to get in early this one is going to get busy.  
  •    Not sure about trip sharing – try out the full Think Hitch experience in person.
  •    Plus we got a few little surprises up our sleeve; so make sure to pop in throughout the day.
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