Tom Farmer – Sow Great

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Come join Tom Farmer for an inspiring and empowering conversation about growing food in your backyard or balcony.

Focusing on top tips for growing edibles, this presentation will discuss everything you need to know about growing your own food! From site selection, soil and fertilising, pruning, growing organically, pest and disease and best management practices. Learn the easy way to grow food and give you all the knowledge and information you need.

As a qualified agronomist Tom Farmer teaches a deeper understanding of the interplay between all the different factors that enhance crop production.

Sow Great makes the science of growing great food fun and simple so everyone with a patch of land, or even a balcony, can start growing produce they love to eat – and be sure of a successful harvest. Tom brings that specialised knowledge to share with you, and help you nurture your crop step-by-step.
Understanding soil science, climate, pest and disease, and the nutritional needs of different plants can make the difference between a disappointing or failed crop and an abundant, great quality harvest.

Who is Tom Farmer

Tom Farmer, owner of Sow Great, was born in Queensland and spent much of his childhood on his family’s property in the Gold Coast hinterland.

After finishing his agronomy degree, he worked as an agronomist for three years, getting real-world experience with commercial crops. He also has extensive experience helping get the best from his family’s property.

In 2016, after completing a Masters of Business (Marketing) he established Sow Great, fulfilling a dream to help city people discover the skills and pleasures of growing their own backyard crops.

As well as working with individuals in the Brisbane region to maximise their success with a wide range of home-grown produce, he consults to schools, aged care facilities, community gardens and other groups that want to establish food gardens, learn the science of food production and enjoy the pleasures of harvesting their own healthy, abundant produce.

Tom believes even the smallest plot or balcony can be productive and can put fresh, tasty, nutritious fare on dinner plates and in lunch boxes.

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