Tom Farmer

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Join this free seminar on top tips on how to grow an abundant veggie patch!

Lettuce help you grow!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to growing food and don’t know where to start, or you have given up or you are an experienced pro, you’re bound to learn something from this presentation.

We will go through the most common mistakes we find people making, the basic fundamental principles and also some top tips you will want to hear.

About Tom Farmer

Growing up in Canungra on his parent’s cattle property, Tom developed a strong passion for agriculture. It was from these roots, that drove Tom to study agronomy and then work around Australia as an agronomist for crops like tomatoes, citrus and macadamias.

After moving to Brisbane to complete a Master’s in Business, Tom found himself helping many of his friends and family grow their own food. It was from these tips and advice that the idea of Sow Great was born.

Tom founded Sow Great in 2017 and now they help families, aged care facilities, schools and business grow their own food. He is passionate about making growing food easy and accessible for everyone.

A qualified agronomist, Tom has a university degree in agronomy, which teaches a deeper understanding of the interplay between all the different factors that enhance crop production. We bring that specialised knowledge to share with you and your family, and help you nurture your crop step-by-step. Sow Great is so great because you get your own personal agronomist to give you all the secrets of success. We coach you to become a veggie gardener extraordinaire!

Sow Great at the Eco Expo
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