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Who Are We

TOMRA is the world leader in reverse vending systems. Every year our machines accept, recognize and collect over 40 billion empty drink containers worldwide and in return give a 10c reward for each one.

What to Expect

The environment is facing some serious challenges – litter, pollution and climate change – and this all stems from the way we consume. We believe that a healthy environment comes from the smart use of materials around us. That means maximising use and re-use so that nothing is wasted, and ensuring nothing is truly thrown away.

But belief is nothing without action. We keep the recycling wheels in motion and innovate solutions for tomorrow – developing new opportunities for a smarter recyclable future. With 82,000 systems in over 60 markets, we’re the world leader in Reverse Vending Solutions. Every year we collect and recycle more than 40 billion cans and bottles – these materials are captured, recycled and turned back into new bottles and cans.

Visit Us Because

Join us, and become a resource revolutionary.

We are proud to announce that we are a container refund point operator for the Queensland Containers For Change scheme (CoEx). This program is designed to reduce litter across Queensland by allowing customers to return their eligible drink containers for a 10c refund. We’re rolling out 10 state-of-the-art modern Recycling Centres designed to handle exchanges of all sizes, from small-scale returns to large bulk deposits, and allowing customers to claim their refund in cash, vouchers or ePayment.

Each Recycling Centre will be equipped with 9-12 TOMRA reverse vending machines and bag drop facilities for customers, as well as Bulk Collection for Commercial and Community Organisations. The popular myTOMRA app will also provide electronic payout of refunds and details on depot locations and opening hours.

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