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Très Chic Shave Kit

Who Are We

My daughter and I took a trip to the supermarket to buy an appropriate women’s razor, we soon realized there was no such thing on the market.

As a passionate vegan and environmental advocate, the idea of purchasing a “packet” of plastic, disposable razors for my young daughter just didn’t cut the mustard. The shaving creams on offer were not much better, filled with chemicals I struggled to pronounce and then there were cosmetic bags, yet again, more plastic and more synthetic fabrics. Just take a look in your bathroom, what do you see? Plastic shampoo bottles, plastic containers, plastic, plastic, plastic. It’s never-ending.

After a discussion with my daughter about what she may want and need to commence her shaving experience, that would both benefit the environment and also be accessible for all women of any age –  Très Chic Shave Kit was born.

Tres Chic Shaver and Shaver Heads
What to Expect

Our fantastic limited edition, Eco-Audrey – Très Chic Shave Kit and a big friendly smile.

Eco-Audrey is a biodegradable washable, vegan-friendly kraft fabric cosmetic bag, with cotton lining and a metal zipper. Eco-Audrey can be used as a shaving kit, makeup kit, clutch bag and or pencil case. You name it!

Our bamboo razor, which has three (3)-blades and a removable head for our refills.

Our divine vegan homemade coconut shea butter shave cream, enhanced with our secret weapon – SUGAR!  

We’re all about simplicity at Très Chic. Our vegan sugar shave cream is perfect for not only shaving, but it also can be used as a body scrub, face scrub and it moisturizes all in one. It’s a fantastic makeup remover too.

Visit Us Because

We are really excited to show you our fantastic new products. You have to come and look at the new cruelty-free vegan kraft paper fabric. It’s amazing. We really look forward to seeing you at the expo.

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