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Tupperware – reduce the impact of plastic

Who We Are

Tupperware was introduced in Australia in 1961 and in New Zealand in 1973. In more than 100 countries, the Tupperware brand is known for its design focused preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home. Around the world, a Tupperware Party starts every 2.3 seconds, while in Australia and New Zealand a staggering 9 out of 10 homes own at least one piece of our famous plastic!

What to Expect

Purchase products, specials, or book your next party, a fun and different way to raise funds for schools, clubs, your church or your favourite charity.

By using our products for all your storing, freezing, reheating and serving, you can help reduce the impact that plastic wrap, throw-away containers and disposable packaging has on the environment. Any products that may be returned to us are ground and recycled into plant pots, park benches, low grade pipe, and garbage bags. By simply returning any of your unwanted containers for grinding and recycling, you’ll be helping to care for your environment.

Visit Us Because

The success of our company was founded on the principles of sustainability by empowering women to succeed through our business opportunity, the selling of high-quality, durable products, protecting the environment, and supporting our communities around the world. To continue on this path of success, our intent is to act responsibly so that valuable natural resources are preserved and we continue to positively touch more lives.

Find Tupperware at the Eco Expo
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