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UV Power at the Eco Expo

UV Power – Brisbane’s Solar Experts

Who We Are

UV Power offers high quality solar equipment to assist Brisbane residents in making the change to sustainable energy sources in their place of work and residency. With a background in Energy Auditing, we are passionate about saving energy and reducing carbon emissions whilst saving you money. We dislike traditional coal burning power companies, and our aim is for every home to be as close to energy self sufficient as possible. My personal belief is to leave coal in the ground where it belongs and harness the suns energy.

What to Expect

Rooftop Solar alone is not the full solution to saving on energy costs. You also need to ensure your home is running efficiently, your appliances are being fed by solar power and your night time use is minimised through automation. This is our passion and this is where we are here to help. With a mixture of Solar, Energy Automation and battery systems, we have the technology to give your home energy self sufficiency in most cases.

New energy innovations are being released into the market all the time and we can now offer the best in Home Energy Automation, Battery systems for storage of excess solar energy, Energy trading platforms from Reposit and Sonnen and the means to sell your energy into the market for a premium price, increasing your ROI (return on investment).

Visit us Because

At UV Power, we have the technology and know how, but most importantly we have the passion. Join us on the renewable energy journey, not only will you save money, you will also be part of the energy revolution which is sweeping the country. Come by and see how you can take the first steps in making your home energy self sufficient!

UV Power at the Eco Expo
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