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Vegan Rules

Who We Are

Lynn Johnstone is a mum of a teenage vegan. She did panic when her teenager declared her intention, but then set out to find out if it was safe, healthy or even advisable for her daughter to go vegan. She went back to uni, learnt how to use an authorised food nutrition calculator, and proceeded to develop a suite of easy, relatable recipes that provided the nutrition her daughter needed.

What to Expect

Nourished Vegan – a teenagers guide is a cookbook, a textbook and a saviour for parents and their kids. Teenagers need easy recipes and knowledge of how they work with other meals of the day to give them the nutrition they need.  The concept is based around 6 easy rules that work together to ensure vegans stay strong and healthy. It is about empowering our kids and giving peace of mind to Mum and Dad. That is why this book is different.

Visit us Because

If you have a teenager, or know of one who desperately wants to do their bit for the planet, starting with changing their eating habits, but don’t know where to start, then come on over. Teenagers often don’t feel ‘understood’ or ‘listened to’, but supporting them on this journey will strengthen relationships. I’m excited about the potential for parent’s relationships with their kids because I’ve seen the change in my own. I’m excited about the influence the teenagers will have on the world around them. Let’s help them.

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