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Vesica at the Eco Expo

Vesica – Reducing The World’s Plastic Footprint

Who We Are

Vesica is your everyday Eco-friend. Artisan Shane Walters hand makes genuine leather water bottle cases to keep your water portable and fashionable. Having water with you is key to living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding those nasty disposable plastic bottles. Vesica supplies its own brand of high quality BPA-free stainless steel water bottles for its handmade leather cases. Making a ready to adventure eco-friendly hydration package.

Every case is cut from larger leather hides using a clicker press and then stitched together by Shane.

Vesica’s all-stainless steel water bottles are also available by themselves for those only needing just a quality water bottle. Bottles and cases are available in 800ml & 532ml.

What to Expect

Vesica is on a mission to help reduce your plastic footprint in your everyday life. To help bridge the gap of accessible hydration, Vesica offers stylish hand-made leather cases and its own brand of BPA-free, plastic free, paint free, stainless steel reusable water bottles. 

Making a simple choice to use a reusable water bottle over a plastic disposable bottle can make a substantial difference in the amount a plastic one person sends to land-fill.

Other fantastic plastic free products by Vesica include sustainable bamboo toothbrushes, insulated thermoses, bio-degradable glitter and wooden sunglasses.

Visit Us Because 

Disposable plastic water bottles are Vesica’s number one target. By using your own bottle and a basic bench-top water filter, you will drastically reduce the size of your plastic footprint.

Vesica water bottles and thermoses are lightweight and durable. Made from 18/8 recyclable stainless steel that is 100% safe to drink from. Come by and check out Vesica’s products and take the first step in reducing your plastic footprint!

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