Walter Ivison – World Environment Solutions

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Hear Walter explain from first hand experience on the Wold Water Crisis and possible solutions on what can be done and what cant be done here is Australia


Join Walter Ivison for a free seminar on ‘World Water Problems and Solutions.’

Many of the drinking water problems here in Australia and throughout the World can be helped with water generated from the atmosphere. Walter will be explaining some of the many attempts by inventors, the technologies that have been tried in making water from the air, and the issues that surrounded them. He will be explaining what can be accomplished here in Australia with such technologies with our own water crisis.

Who is Walter Ivison

Walter Ivison has traveled extensively as a pilot and sailor and has seen first hand many of the drought affected countries around the world. With his mechanical design engineering experience, Walter Founded MulitGen and World Environmental Solutions to bring us his Water from the air Technology.

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