Walter Ivison

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Join free seminars by well known speaker Walter Ivison, and learn more about technology harnessing water from the air.

A diverse seminar including content on how the MultiGen transfers cool air temperatures, into water. The MultiGen uses the waste exhaust gas heat from a generator or Turbine, to activate a system to take water from the atmosphere. This unique technology, while making water from the air, produces a bi product of cool air that can be used to cool a space.

Walter will also touch on how this technology is used to provide water into the roots of plants to accelerate their growth (in some cases to 3 crops a year, instead of one); the pros and cons of commercialisation and energy used; as well as solar water stills and their development in accelerated growth of vegetables by fooling plants to think its the first day of spring, every day.

About Walter Ivison

Walter Ivison is the founder and CEO of World Environmental Solutions (Australia), MultiChill Technologies (USA), and a patent holder of the unique MultiGen system. Walter is a leading authority on Water from the Atmosphere and has spoken in many countries of the world (including the World Bank) that are experiencing drought. He is now testing the production of Solar Water Stills for use in 3rd World countries to distill polluted water into “drinking water”, and can be found in Bill Straights book “The Water Roulette”.

Additionally, Walter recently entered a JV with Dewpoint Technologies to combine a plant growth acceleration system, perfected in Hawaii at NELHA over the last 10 years.

In his spare time, Walter is an Australian engineer, an accomplished pilot and Sailor and lives on his farm near Woodford Qld with his American wife Susan.

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