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Zandi Organics at the Eco Expo

Enjoy helping yourself to good health and experience the luxury of wellness from within.

Who We Are

Zandi Organics was founded for you to discover the new generation of beverages, sweeping the wellness world, that are both convenient and great for your health. Zandi values incorporating ancient wisdoms into our modern day lifestyles. 

Help yourself to good health by choosing to incorporate our herbal blends into your wellness routine. Zandi has hand crafted the highest quality blends using premium organic ingredients to add to your morning latte, smoothie or even baking! Experience the luxury of wellness from within with Zandi.

What to Expect

Organic Latte Blends – Perfect as a hot drink or adding them to create a delicious smoothie. There are four blends Tumeric, Matcha, Beet & Berry, Chicory Chai.

Visit Us Because

The new results you’ll discover are guaranteed to change the way you make everyday choices and you will love how easy and safe to use they are. All of Zandi’s blends are vegan friendly, gluten free and with no sugar added. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals and very high in anti-oxidants.


Zandi Organics at the Eco Expo

Zandi Organics at the Eco Expo

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