Are you ready for Australia’s largest sustainability expo of the year!?

With the Eco Expo coming up soon, here’s what you should bring to the Eco Expo…

Here are some easy tips of what you should bring along with you to the Expo

A friend

The eco message is best served SHARED – so invite some friends to come along and take #oneecostep

Reusable water bottle

Don’t have one? There are several amazing options for purchase at the Eco Expo! If you do have one, bring it along to fill up at one of the Water3 (Brisbane Eco Expo) refill station’s.

Reusable bags

Reusable bags are a must at this year’s expo, but if you forget there are several options for purchase inside to purchase one from! Don’t forget the first 200 visitors each day receive a FREE limited edition #oneecostep tote bag with exhibitor samples and products! Use your reusable bag to grab plenty of sustainable products throughout this event.

Reusable coffee cup and straw

Our event has a ban on single-use plastic items! How awesome? So best bring a reusable coffee cup and reusable straw to stay hydrated. If you don’t have one or it’s on your to purchase list, never fear there are several eco-friendly and sustainable products that you can purchase inside from one of our many exhibitors!

Empty drink containers (recyclable)

Make sure you bring your recyclable drink containers to responsibly dispose of your soft drink bottles/cans and water bottles with TOMRA, Australia’s leading reverse vending system. If you don’t have any – ask your neighbours, friends or your local cafe!

Your ticket

Most importantly, your ticket! Tickets are available online (click here) or at the door. If you have a ticket already, please do NOT print. Just show the code on your smart phone, or we can find your ticket using your photo ID.

The Eco Expo encourages all attendees and exhibitors to enjoy the weekend sustainably. The following items will be banned: plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic utensils, plastic straws and balloons.

The path to worldwide sustainability may be a long one, but it only takes #OneEcoStep to start! Take yours at our Eco Expo!

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